School of Dragons Codes 2021

School of Dragons Codes

school of dragons codes

Hello, today I want to introduce you to a very rare thing: School of Dragons Codes that working in 2021 and isn’t available on the Internet – at least I didn’t find it. What do you need to obtain codes? I hope you have 2 minutes of your free time – that is all you need. Just complete a simple offer (click the orange button below) to unlock download and after that downloading .pdf file is getting started. After download in this file, you can find valuable codes for the School of Dragons. The huge list includes about 50+ codes to redeem.

Codes for School of Dragons 2021

Here is a .pdf document to download:

There are multiple codes for gems, gold, dragons, stables, and more free stuff. School of Dragons codes working on PC, Android, and iOS versions. I saw on forums that people looking for new codes so I decided to share it with you. Let me know If all working fine for you. I tested codes by myself and by my in-game friends and all was great. What now when I have a document from the orange button? Copy: School of Dragons code and paste here

Free redeem codes available on the Internet

This is exactly the same list as in my video (link). List of 4 codes and what they give you:

  • “CLOUDCOVER” – All pieces of Stormcutter armor
  • “LAVAEATER” – create one Eruptodon egg
  • “TAKEFLIGHT”- gives you Skyrunner suit
  • “SKRILLTHRILL” – All pieces of the orange Skrill Armor (shoulders not include, but still is worth to paste code)

school of dragons promo code

Remember to:

  • Remove quotes
  • You need an activated account
  • You can use the codes only once

When the new one arrives I will add them here. Remember, you can access a full list of codes here:

Game review:

school of dragons codes 2020

At first, you can choose your character: male or female. Do you want to have red hair? No problem. The trousers, head, and general look and profile is up to you.  After you create a character you have to complete quests and special missions to gain experience, get new items, gold, and gems. These last two ones are School of Dragons currency. After a stage of leveling and collecting cool tier, you can play player vs player, buy things on the auction house. General idea is to own your in-game opponents and be better than others. Summarizing get as much as possible gems and gold to be king of the game. I hope my codes will help you with archiving this. If you enjoy my mini guide feel free to write a comment below and share this post with your friends from SoD.

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  • Michael Kelly

    Could you please send through the pdf as a screenshot so I don’t have to download it.


  • Cersei

    You nailed it! It works perfectly in my device and now I can enjoy School of Dragons more.

  • cfgfftc

    Great! Thanks for free valuable codes – finally


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