Escape From Tarkov Promo Codes 2020

How to get Escape From Tarkov Promo Codes February 2020?

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Edge of Darkness (limited):
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Escape From Tarkov game about

In this part we’re going to talk a bit about how Tarakov is not quite what it seems on stream and that you’ve really got to play it or talk to somebody who’s played it pretty extensively to understand what you’re getting yourself into before you buy the game.

So that’s the point of this part, I’m going to give you a bit of a rundown of what Escape From Tarakov is all about, including what it takes to really win into it and enjoy it for the long run. Then by the end, hopefully you guys know whether or not you want to get into off for yourself. Also, if you like this post by the end and think, I did a good job, don’t forget to post a comment.

Just briefly, for those of you who have not heard about too much about it. Tarkov off is a FPS MMO with light survival mechanics, things like healing your character and occasionally it replenishing or hydration and food. Where in you are a private military contractor who’s been left to fend for themselves in the wake.

Of a apocalyptic event in the city of Tarakov. You have a number of locations on the map to visit as of right now, but the end goal is to connect all of these up and to have you be able to go through place to place to collect the things you need to survive, which you can also use to build up your hideout.

New features of Escape from Tarkov

That was just added in the last patch. These are all really early features and they’re still looking to add more. As a side note, you can also play as a scab or scavenger. Which is a randomly generated loadout that you can earn for free if you’re able to escape with that gear. It is on a time limit though, as they do want you to focus on playing on your main character, which has large quantity of benefits.

One of them of course, is being able to choose your own loadout, but also you’re going to get some stats as you go through raids. That will improve your ability to take on other players and scavengers as well as bosses within the world of Tarakov. Those benefits come in the form of level skills. Sthing like endurance will allow you to run for longer periods of time.

Strength will allow you to carry more. Health will give you more health in your health pool. And stuff like recall management, which is really big. We’ll reduce the recoil for all weapons as you level it up. Ultimately though, 95% of the game is determined by your own personal skill and not the skills you accumulate through leveling up.

One of the best features of Tarakov, if you’ll like shooters. And probably one of the most hardcore elements of it though are the weapons themselves and what you can do to them. What the nodding in off is par. None in the industry. There is not a single game I can think of that has this level of advanced mechanics in gunplay.


The reason why this is so hardcore is that because unlike end games like call of duty, these are not cosmetic changes. These actually affect the way your weapon is handled. In a vast way. Having the wrong setup is going to give you massive vertical and horizontal recall where you can’t hit targets, and if you don’t have the right ammo and you’re not landing every shot, you’re not going to kill that moderately to heavily geared guy.

If I could suggest any hardcore FPS shooter right now to somebody who loves that genre, this would be it. I only want to temper your expectations for what it’s going to be like when you hop in the game, but to help you decide I will share with you Escape From Tarkov Promo Codes. Some of people get turned off by that, but you will get over it. All it does is take time, of course. I love escape from Tarakov. It is my GoTo game when I’m not playing star citizen and I’m downright addicted to it. Thanks!

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