Krunker Kr Codes Generator 2021

krunker kr codes is one of the best browser shooting game this year. Exciting and interesting FPS can give you a lot of fun. There is also a funny thing: one-click after visit and you can running around and shooting your opponents. The game offers you much high-quality entertainment like a shooting, leveling up or upgrading weapons or Krunker KR codes. Everything seems pretty amazing, except one thing…

Krunker KR Codes 2021

Today I’m going to show you guys how to get free KR in game. This will help you in some cases to try to get the new super, super rare contraband skins.

In the previous paragraph, I have in mind this one thing: buying KR – in-game the most important currency. It’s really hard to obtain KR in Krunker. I can share with you a few tips on how to get it in an easy way. The fastest and powerful way is my method in step 5.

  1. When you play on official servers you will get 1KR for every 100 points you score
  2. Every 3 hours you can get 100 KR by watching ads. You need to have an account.
  3. Buying KR – lest skip this “method” we don’t promote paid methods.
  4. Sell skins in Marketplace
  5. And finally, the last, most important way is Krunker Codes 2021. More information and codes list are below.

krunker codes

How to get free KR in Krunker?

Huge amounts of KR can be obtained by one-time use voucher codes. Full list of codes are only available from:

After you download the full list of KR codes you can spot also about 10 codes for skins – something totally new. Thanks to this you can change the look of your weapons and knives. How much KR can you get? I can’t count exactly the amount of free resources, but 10-20k for sure. You have to hurry up before the codes will expire. Make the game easier in 2 minutes! Don’t spend real money on KR from now.

Krunker Voucher Codes 2021

how to get free kr in krunker

There are numerous ways why you need Krunker codes:

  • You can obtain great 3D skins for your character, weapons or knife
  • Help you with tracking your in-game opponents
  • All-time access to official servers
  • Heal your wounds faster than before
  • A huge amount of Krunkies
  • Elite, heroic, hunter or attire spin
  • Increase your chance for epic items

In my opinion, it’s worth to change your mind and try a different way. Easy way to increase your character look or skills.


krunker redeem codes

I recommend you to try to play without creating an account. Give this game 10 minutes and after that you will decide by yourself to go all the way, creating an account and own you, opponents. I can rate this game 8/10 for originality. Try codes to make Krunker a little bit easier and funnier. Thanks for reading.

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